State level Multi Stakeholders workshop on Strengthening the Implementation of the Biological Diversity Act and Rules with focus on its Access and Benefit Sharing Provisions

Programme Venue: Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Development Institute (Dr.MCR HRD), Vijaya Colony, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.

Date: 28th June 2013

Objective of the workshop:
The Objective of the workshop is to increase the systemic capacities of stakeholders to effectively implement the Biological Diversity Act, 2002 and the Rules 2009 in order to achieve biodiversity conservation through implementing Access and Benefit Sharing Agreements. Promoting the use of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge, and by strengthening the opportunities for fair and equitable sharing of benefits from their use, to create incentives to conserve biological diversity, sustainable use its components, and further enhance the contribution of biological diversity to sustainable development and human well-being.