(Food SI বই) Best Books for WBPSC Food SI Exam 2023 – মাত্র দুটি বই কিনে প্রস্তুতি নিন

WBPSC Food SI এর জন্য ভালো কিছু বই l

Best Books for WBPSC Food SI Exam: The WBPSC food SI examination is administered by the West Bengal Public Service Commission. The most crucial choice will be the books to use to prepare for the WBPSC. Every single subject covered in the WBPSC Food SI exam receives in-depth treatment in the books. 

In addition to this, the candidates should look over the WBPSC food SI books that may include the exam question from last year. Throughout the course learning process, these would be of great assistance. 

Candidates are advised to choose the books that experts or previous year qualifiers have recommended to keep away from the WBPSC Food SI cut-off scores. In this article, you would find a decent list of the Best Books for WBPSC Food SI Exam 2023 WBPSC Food SI Exam.

Best Books for WBPSC Food SI Exam 2023 – Updated List

The list of the Best Books for WBPSC Food SI Exam keeps on updating every year. Anyone who is about to take WBPSC exams must know that searching for the right books is going to be very daunting. As students have to appear for the written examinations in offline mode, complete preparation is required. Moreover, after the written test of 100 marks, a personality test would be conducted of 20 marks. The book list and preparation tips are given below.

Best Books for WBPSC Food SI (Written Exam) 

Any student who is going to appear for the upcoming WBPSC will be assisted by the West Bengal Public Service Commission. As the exams are conducted each year, students from all over the state are selected for good positions. You can buy the following books to prepare yourself for the tough competition and secure your job as WBPSC Food Sub-Inspector in West Bengal.

WBPSC Food SI এর জন্য ভালো কিছু বই

একটি General Studies বই এবং একটি পাটিগণিত (গণিত) বই কিনুন I নিচে কয়েকটি বইয়ের নাম আছে I যদি আপনি কম বই কিনে প্রস্তুতি নিতে চান তাহলে আমি বলব আপনি শুধুমাত্র দুটি বই কিনতে পারেন l

আমরা দুটি বাংলা ভার্সন বই এবং দুটি ইংরেজি ভার্সন বই দিয়েছি। আপনি WBPSC Food SI পরীক্ষার জন্য যেকোনো দুটি বই কিনতে পারেন I

Bangla Version (বাংলা) Books for WBPSC Food SI
General Knowledge (সাধারণ জ্ঞান) – KiranSee the book
Quantitative Aptitude (গণিত) – R.S AgarwalSee the book
English Version Books for WBPSC Food SI
General Knowledge – LucentSee the book
Objective ArithmeticsR. S AgarwalSee the book

WBPSC Food SI Syllabus 2023

As you are aware of the books that you must have for WBPSC food SI, you must be wondering about the syllabus that is needed to be followed. Students must keep up with the updated syllabus so that they can stay prepared for the exam and score good marks. Some of the syllabus topics for WBPSC Food SI General Studies and Arithmetic are listed below in the table form. 

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General Studies Food SI Syllabus Arithmetic Syllabus for Food SI 
Indian Economy
Rivers, Lakes, and, Seas
General Science
Famous Places in India
Countries and Capitals
Environmental Issues
Indian History
Inventions and Discoveries
Indian Politics
Famous Books & Authors
general studies
Famous Days & Dates
Current Affairs
West Bengal History
General Knowledge
Indian Parliament
Decimal Fraction
Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M
Volume and Surface Area
Pipes and Cistern
Chain Rule
Ratio and Proportion
Time and Distance
Allegation or Mixture
Square Root and Cube Root
Boats and Streams
Problems on Ages
Compound Interest
Height and Distance
Simple Interest
Races and Games
Time and Work

Preparation Tips for WBPSC Food SI Exam 

The most important part of the WBPSC Food SI Exam is to study the guidebooks. Students must make a strong plan and concentrate on collecting the best books for the exam. You can buy the above books and follow some preparation guides.

  1. Prepare every topic mentioned on the syllabus.
  2. Revise them regularly.
  3. Give mock tests every week.
  4. Solve previous papers of any WBPSC exams like Clerkship, Food SI, Group D, and WBCS preliminary.
  5. Focus on time management.

Strategy for Preparing WBPSC Food SI Exam 

Candidates appearing for the examination must first fully comprehend the format and develop a study schedule. One needs to stick to this schedule every day as it will enable candidates to focus on the areas of weakness. Make sure to spend time on each component as it will be evident from the in-depth analysis that follows the practice exams assessment of the learning. It is highly advised to take regular practice tests and focus on the flaws. The previous year’s questions and mock tests must be practiced as well. Therefore, it will be quite beneficial to use a stopwatch or timer while studying as time is one of the most important aspects. 


You will benefit long-term from having the appropriate study guides and WBPSC books. For yourself, purchase these books to be informed. You should be aware that the exam will be more complicated. To prepare for it, one needs to read a variety of other sources as well like articles. It is crucial that you execute the procedure with adequate planning and adherence to a timeline. To ensure that you are well prepared for the exam, make sure that you are aware of the trends and exam format. Also, keep checking the updated list of the Best Books for WBPSC Food SI Exam

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