Economic Importance of Agriculture 2023

Economic Importance of Agriculture: There are many countries in the world, where there is no special industry. But there is no such country in the world, where land is not cultivated, that is, agriculture is not done. Primarily agriculture is the basis of the economic development of any country. Therefore, the economic importance of agriculture is immense.

Agriculture is the main source of the economy of West Bengal. Most of the people of this state depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

Today we will know about the economic importance of agriculture.

Economic Importance of Agriculture in 2023

Modernity has come to agriculture in civilization, so now it is possible to increase the amount of liquid produced through agriculture and reduce the amount of manual labor.

The demand for food has also doubled due to the increase in population, hence the importance of agriculture is the first in any country due to which the economic importance of agriculture is immense today.

Let us know some aspects of the economic importance of agriculture –

Supply of essential human commodities

Essential commodities for human life are – food and drink, clothing, and shelter. From the agricultural sector, people get the basic materials of life – carbohydrates, love, and protein. Various food crops like rice, wheat, sorghum, millet and vegetables, fruits, fish meat, milk, eggs, etc. provide protein food or beverages such as tea, coffee, etc. Due to the subsequent increase in population, the demand for these foods has increased. With the help of modern farming methods, the production of these food items has also increased in supply. Materials for wear and house construction (cotton, jute, bamboo, wood, straw, etc.) are available from agriculture.

Fodder Supply

Animal husbandry is done in a known manner in the mixed Taurus system. Improved animal husbandry depends on the production and supply of fodder. Developed countries grow crops like barley, maize, sorghum, millet, alfalfa, clover, hay, etc. for animal feed. Due to high population pressure in developing and underdeveloped countries, agricultural land is mainly cultivated for food grains and cash crops.

Agriculture – Source of raw materials for industry

Corpus-weaving industry, jute industry, tea industry, the coffee industry, edible oil production industry, food-processing industry, etc. are dependent on agriculture. Consequently, agriculture is of immense importance in the development of agro-based industries.

Role of Agriculture in the Development of Allied Industries:

 Many other industries have developed around agriculture. For example, the chemical fertilizer industry, pesticide and herbicide production industry, tractor, harvester, pump set, etc. machinery industry has developed. As a result, along with the development of agriculture, the industry also expanded.

Source of Employment:

Many people are directly and indirectly dependent on agriculture. Most of the people in developing countries (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc.) make a living from agriculture than developed countries. At present about 66 percent of people in India are engaged in agriculture.

Sources of National Income:

A large part of the gross national income of most countries comes from agriculture. Currently 30-35 percent of India’s gross national income comes from agriculture and agro-related production.

Expansion of Trade and Earning of Foreign Exchange:

Improved agricultural products and foreign trade are expanding. It earns a lot of foreign exchange, which strengthens the economic base of the country. When economic development occurs, people’s quality of life improves. In 2009-10 India exported agricultural produce worth Rs 37,366 crore.

Increased research opportunities:

With the increase in population, there is a need to increase agricultural production. For this reason, many people are engaged in agricultural research for advanced farming practices. Research has covered high-yielding seeds, hybrid systems, etc.

So, you can understand how important agriculture is to modern civilization.

Various agricultural projects or schemes:

The importance of agriculture will increase day by day. The government of West Bengal and the Government of India are coming up with various schemes to help farmers. As a result, farmers are getting financial support. The government has also established many biodiversity boards to maintain the ecosystem of the environment.

West Bengal Government has introduced the “Krishak Bandhu Scheme” or Krishak Bandhu Scheme for the farmers of the state.

The government of India has introduced the “PM Kisan Yojana” for various assistance to farmers all over India.

As a result, farmers get various government grants and financial assistance for farming.

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