IRS to Launch Free e-filing System in 2024 Tax Season

IRS to Launch Free e-filing System: A typical tax return filing fee for an individual is $140. In an effort to substantially cut down on such costs, the IRS plans to test out a new program. 

A free, government-backed online tax filing system will be tested by the IRS in a pilot trial beginning next year. The government will use the pilot program, as IRS to launch a free e-filing system in 2024, findings to decide whether or not to set up a permanent, government-run system to compete with private firms like TurboTax and H&R Block.

IRS to Launch Free e-filing System 2024

The government will use the pilot program, as IRS is launching a free e-filing system in 2024. They started a pilot program.

Use the IRS’s Free File Service 

Do you long for the option of filing your taxes while wearing your robe and slippers? If that’s the case, you should sign up for Free File to utilize with the IRS this year.

While the IRS Free File option has a greater income cap (up to $73,000), VITA provides a more tailored experience. Using IRS Free File, you can e-file your federal and, in some cases, state income tax returns using tax software that provides you with detailed instructions. 

The Free File Alliance is comprised of seven tax preparation software vendors, including Tax ACT and Tax Slayer, which offer these services at no cost to its users. According to the Alliance website, more than 68 million returns have been filed in this fashion since 2003.

The IRS Released Feasibility Study

The majority of taxpayers surveyed expressed an interest in using an IRS-provided tool for electronic tax preparation and filing, and while the IRS has the capability to deliver direct file, doing so would require more manpower and increase the agency’s already high level of complexity.

  • Low-income filers will continue to have access to the IRS’s free e-filling service.
  • It is still possible for taxpayers of any income level to mail in their returns at no cost, albeit it might take months for paper returns to be processed and taxpayers must still pay for postage.
  • An estimated $140 is spent yearly by the average taxpayer on tax return preparation, therefore the new direct e-file scheme being tested has the potential to significantly reduce these costs.
  • More American households will be able to claim their tax refunds with the help of a free and easy-to-use direct file service. )
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Free use of the IRS’s e-file systemSubmission of taxes at no charge
Low-income filersyesyes
Taxpayers of any income levelyesyes

E-filing with the IRS Could Revolutionize the Tax Preparation Business

The news of the IRS to launch free e-filing system 2024, which will be a free federal tax-filing system, might radically change the public’s tax-filing habits and cut into the tax-preparation sector’s earnings to a great extent.
According to a survey by Los Angeles-based market research firm IBISWorld on the General Services Administration website, people and corporations paid $11.3 billion to over 100,000 organizations for tax preparation services in 2019.
Intuit, with a 22.1% market share, and H&R Block, with 19.6%, are the leading firms.

What Can Be the Benefits Out of the Free File Program?

  • Federal Tax Returns Are Available Without Charge

First-time users of Free File can select a Free File company’s offer after researching the offer qualifications on A federal tax return can be prepared and e-filed for free if you qualify for one of the participating programs. 

Last year’s IRS Free File provider will email you this year to welcome you back to their official IRS Free File services if you used them last year. An IRS Free File link and instructions for using them are provided in the email.  Choosing this email link could save you money on your federal tax return preparation and electronic filing fees during IRS to launch free e-filing system 2024

  • Fees For Federal Tax Return Cannot Be Charged

If you qualify, you can file your federal tax return at no cost through any of the Free File Program’s participating software or service providers. You will not be required to make any kind of purchase (such as promotional rebates) in order to have your federal tax return completed by the Free File program member. 

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Free File does not apply to fee-based banking products. return transfer products (such as return anticipation loans (RALs)) offered by banks are prohibited as part of IRS Free File since they typically incur product costs. 

  • It Is Possible to File Your State Tax Return Without Paying Any Fees

There are businesses that participate in the IRS’s Free File Program and also offer free state tax preparation. Some of them require you to pay a fee to the government.  It is imperative that you read each company’s material thoroughly. 

Free-filing services provide a guarantee of accuracy for tax returns.

Each firm advertises this assurance on its Free File page. If you have any issues with the correctness of your return, you can contact the firm that worked on it directly. 

  • The Decision Is Yours

Visit the Free File page if you don’t think you qualify for a company’s offer and want to see if there’s another offer that would work better for you. If you don’t qualify for IRS Free File, each service will tell you why and give you a link to’s Free File service. 

  • When In Need, Ask for Assistance

You can use a company’s free customer support options if you have any questions while filing your taxes using the company’s IRS Free File site after IRS to launch free e-filing system 2024.

You can get the IRS’s assistance in locating a cost-free service. You can use the IRS Free File online look-up tool to find the service that best fits your requirements.


As IRS to launch free e-filing system 2024, over the next few months, the IRS plans to address a number of operational issues, such as the complexity of tax returns it can process, the best way to provide customer care to those taking part in the direct-file trial, and how to connect with state tax administrations.

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