Maize Cultivation Method 2023

Maize Cultivation Method : Farmers of West Bengal currently do not know much about the maize cultivation system, due to which they cannot produce a large amount of crops after planting maize. Farmers can double the amount of profit by doing this cultivation in the right way. Maize Cultivation West Bengal.

If you are deciding to grow corn, give this report a read.

Today we will discuss in detail about the corn cultivation method.

After reading this report you can cultivate this corn yourself. You need to ask someone else about this. So let’s know about corn cultivation step by step.

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Maize Cultivation Method

Learn Maize Cultivation Methods – From seed to land preparation, Irrigation to harvest of Maize

As with any crop, there is a season for growing corn, even though corn is grown almost year-round. But today we will discuss about the cultivation of corn during winter i.e. Kartik month to Agraan month.

Farmers of West Bengal are doing more maize cultivation this winter. At the moment, the best low-labor and profitable crop is maize. The market demand and price of this maize is very good.

This is the reason why farmers are now cultivating maize in large quantities. As a result of modernity in agriculture, now the farmers are cultivating this crop without any effort by the corn breaking machine.

Maize Cultivation Method

For maize cultivation, buying good hybrid seeds, land preparation, application of fertilizers, sowing, irrigation and harvesting – etc., can lead to higher yields. So, the methods mentioned below can resonate.

1) Purchase and treatment of maize seed: As the more maize the better, the maize seed needs to be of the best quality. Therefore, the best hybrid corn seeds should be collected from the market. This time, for seed cleaning, the seeds should be cleaned with any good seed cleaner in the market.

Spacing for planting maize seeds – row to row distance of 60 cm and seed to seed distance of 20-25 cm. The soil depth is 2-3 cm.

2) Land preparation: The most suitable land for maize cultivation is sandy loam soil. Land preparation is very important for this cultivation because the crop will be good if the land is prepared properly.

During the preparation of this land, you can clean the land with lime and blessing powder (2 kg blessing per 50 kg of lime per acre).

At least 4-5 plowings are required for corn cultivation. The first plowing should be done with one plowing with big furrows, then after at least 2-3 days the land should be fertilized with one plowing with small furrows in the second plowing and 1-2 small furrows in the third plowing. During this cultivation you have to give fertilizer which we have mentioned below.

3) Amount of fertilizer application: Corn is a food crop, so the yield of corn plants will depend on the amount of food for corn plants. Fertilizers should be applied during land preparation for maize cultivation and fertilizers should be applied during irrigation. Below is the correct statement.

Fertilizer application during land preparation Amount of fertilizer according to 33 century:

Organic Manure (Dung Manure/Feed Manure)

10 bags


20 kg


20 kg


20 kg

mixed fertilizer

10-15 kg

Water Irrigation System and Fertilizer Rate (per 33 centimetres):

At least 3-4 times of water irrigation is required for more maize to bloom. If your land is very dry then irrigate 4 times or 3 times.

The amount of chemical fertilizers to be applied during irrigation is given below. When and how much fertilizer should be applied according to every 33 centuries.

Water Irrigation System in Maize Cultivation

Fertilizers and quantities

First irrigation (when corn plants have 4-6 leaves)

Uria 15 kg, DAP 20 kg, magnesium 2-3 kg.

Second Cultivation (when corn plants have 10-12 leaves)

Uria 15 kg, DAP 20 kg, magnesium 2-3 kg.

Third irrigation (when corn plant 15-17 leaves)

Uria 15 kg, DAP 20 kg, Potash 15-20 kg, Magnesium 2-3 kg.

4) Maize collection method: After the fruit of the maize plant is properly nourished i.e. when you can see the leaves from where the maize ear has come out are drying up or if you open the husks from a maize ear and see if it has turned red or not, then you can understand that the ear of corn has matured properly. gone Then cut off the head of the corn plant and after 2-3 days, break the corn cobs or cobs and do not tear them off as if they are hanging in the tree.

After that, after another 5-7 days, tear it and bring it home.

Some Tips for Corn Cultivation:

* If there is bird infestation then mix sulfur with seeds while planting seeds and apply them after 20-25 minutes then birds or insects will not be able to eat the seeds.

*Many times, after the corn plant grows, a kind of insect cuts the corn plant at night. For this, the cut insect person from any store will bring insecticide and spray it on the land.

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