Modern Technology in Agriculture: Use of Modern Technology in Agriculture

Modern Technology in Agriculture | Crop yield and arable land in any region depend on various factors. For example, the natural environment of the region (climate, topography, soil, organic matter), socio-economic environment, use of agricultural technology, and selected crops.

Therefore, it is possible to bring about a radical change in the way of farming by applying advanced agricultural technology. Today we will discuss the use of modern technology in agriculture.

Increase in holding area: Farming in small plots of land is not very profitable for farmers, this type of agriculture is only possible to make a living. Therefore, if small plots of land are combined and cultivated extensively, the profit is high and it is possible to use different agricultural technologies.

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Modern Technology in Agriculture

Use of machinery: If the size of the farm is large, it is convenient and profitable to use agricultural machinery (tractor, harvester, pump, planting/sowing with the help of machinery, etc.). Because it is possible to produce more with less labor for less wages.

Labor efficiency: In intensive subsistence farming systems, the farmer cultivates with the help of old technologies based on his own experience. But in developed countries, farmers use various types of machinery to increase their efficiency many times. Therefore, it is imperative for the country to make farmers proficient in current agricultural education, so as to increase yield quality and yield per hectare.

Application of Seed Fertilizers Irrigation Pesticides: According to the nature of the crops in the land, better quality high-yielding seed technology requires the application of organic inorganic fertilizers to increase the yield of their land. In addition, if the land is to be cultivated throughout the year, it is necessary to irrigate the land without relying only on monsoon water. It is also important to apply pesticides as needed to protect crops from insects.

 Appropriate use of land: A crop rotation system should be introduced as per the need, apart from single-crop land, it is necessary to improve the land by turning it into multi-crop or multi-crop land.

Transport: The development of a transport system is at least essential for the speedy delivery of agricultural produce to markets or industrial centers. As a result, the supply of agricultural products can be increased and the agricultural crops can be maintained by rapidly foraging in cold storage. In many cases, due to lack of proper transportation, the original gets spoiled on the way, besides the maintenance of cold storage is at least essential.

Let’s see how much improvement in agriculture is possible due to the use of modern technology in Janaza agriculture.

Use of modern technology in agriculture

 The use of technology has led to a massive expansion of modern agriculture. Which is not limited to crop production. Agriculture has expanded to include baby breathing, cattle rearing, insect rearing, and more. Hence modern agriculture based on scientific technology has become one of the main mediums of earning money. Some or sometimes all of the produce is traded. Hence modern agriculture as a whole is changing to commercial agriculture.

Use of technology in different steps in agriculture

 Below we try to give a brief introduction to the machinery used in tilling the land, sowing the seeds, planting the trees, tending the crops, harvesting, and weeding, storing them, and sending them to the market.

Land technology: The soil of the land is prepared and made suitable for cultivation with the help of tractors. In modern farming, there are many types of implements mounted on the back of the tractor to break up the soil, clear the weeds, etc. for less labor. Then holes or rows are made according to the convenience of planting seeds.

Sowing and Planting: This work requires a lot of machinery. For example, there are Broadcast Seeders and Air Seeders for spreading seeds on land. There is seed drill (Seed drill), precision drill (Precision drill), etc. Besides, rice seedlings are planted with a transplanter.

Application of Fertilizers and Pesticides: With the help of modern technology, fertilizers are applied to the land using a machine or broadcast seeder. Liquid material is given by spray machine. Besides, various parts are used which facilitate the application of fertilizers and pesticides on the land.

Irrigation works: Deep and future tubewells for groundwater extraction, pumping sets for river water extraction, and central wedge systems in small-end systems, are facilitated in crop irrigation by using central wedge system devices, perforated pipes, etc.

Grain screening or sorting: There are many types of machines for sorting the produced grain according to weight, color, diameter, shape, density, and taste. Also, there are machines to separate mature and unripe or bad crops. The use of all these modern machines has resulted in the use of technology in agriculture.

Harvesting: There are 43 types of machines for harvesting ripe crops from the ground. According to 500, the design and operation of each device are of different nature. In the case of crops, crops are harvested by operating these machines. Dada seedlings are separated from plants always by marai yantra or by this machine. In addition, harvesting and harvesting are often done by the same machine called a combined harvester.

Straw flour barrier: After harvesting the crops such as rice, wheat, sesame seeds, etc., these plants are bundled into houses one by one and all the work of moving the bundles from one place to another is done with the help of machines. In these works the machines of the audience are used like – bale mover, bale wrapper, etc.

 The use of technology in agriculture dates back to ancient civilizations. The plow was first used in the Mesopotamian civilization. Irrigation in Egyptian civilization was done with the help of cranes, and Persian wheels. Apart from this, many other small agricultural tools or tools such as spades, hoes, sickles, etc. were in use. This letter system has been around for a long time. Then the heavy machinery was pulled by bullocks buffalo nature beasts of burden.

 All kinds of farming techniques were not in vogue, from plowing the land to harvesting the ripe crops, tilling, and tilling. But with the change in the technology of the modern mechanized society and the mechanization of agriculture, there has been a change in the agricultural system. The work of animal-powered machines is now done by inorganic-powered machines. Advances in agricultural science and technology have radically changed the present modern agricultural system and are helping to double the yield.


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