School Fees in the UAE 2023 – How To Know School Fees?

School Fees in the UAE: According to a study of more than 8,000 families in the United Arab Emirates conducted by the education intelligence service, tuition, and other school-related expenses represent one of the largest annual expenditures for UAE families.

School Fees in the UAE 2023

What is the equivalent of dirhams? The average annual cost of school fees in the United Arab Emirates is Dh31,079, according to data compiled by EdStatica. However, the average cost varies widely from emirate to emirate and from school to school, with the cheapest school in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) costing only Dh2,200 a year and the most expensive school in the UAE costing Dh106,000.

According to a 2018 analysis by HSBC, the average family in the UAE spends slightly under $100,000 (Dh365,000) on their child’s elementary school through university education, making it the second most expensive place in the world for education behind Hong Kong.

But which emirate has the highest and lowest costs for sending a child to school? In the United Arab Emirates, which schools are the most and least expensive? How come there’s such a big price gap? Check out these solutions.

Why are certain schools in the UAE charging significantly more than others for tuition?

The question “Why is education in the UAE so expensive?” is among parents’ most frequently voiced complaints. How come there’s such a disparity in price? In fact, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), two excellent institutions provide the same education at vastly different prices. How come?

There could be a wide variety of causes. The school’s age often explains these differences. The capacity of schools that launched 20 years ago or more with a lower price point (when the education scene in Dubai and the UAE was considerably different) to raise fees each year is regulated by the school regulators. Newer schools, on the other hand, can charge much more since they have to cover the costs of renting expensive new buildings.

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However, several other factors can have a major impact on the price of education, and it is vital to be aware of the potential quality sacrifices that come with paying less. There are a variety of factors that affect the cost of a school, such as the number of students per teacher (class sizes range from about 15 to 35), the variety of subjects offered to students (investing more in teachers is necessary when there is a wider range of subjects taught, as subject breadth is crucial), the availability of extra-curricular activities, and the expertise and nationality of the teaching staff (some countries are more expensive than others). Whether they belong to an established local school network or a globally famous business located in the area, business names tend to command a premium. The logic behind this is that well-known companies and educational institutions provide peace of mind for parents by offering tried-and-true methods of distribution with guaranteed minimums and maximums.

How much will a reasonably priced, high-quality education in the UAE set you back annually?

How do you determine if the tuition you’ll be paying is reasonable?

Although the adage “you get what you pay for” is generally correct, this is not always true.

Looking at a school’s inspection rating is a simple method to get an idea of how good it is.

Dubai’s KHDA and Abu Dhabi’s ADEK, which oversee the private education sector, conduct regular school inspections in which they grade the institutions based on several factors.

The scale for these grading systems goes from excellent to very good to good to acceptable to weak to very weak. The Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) is a division of the Knowledge, Human Development Authority (KHDA), Dubai’s education authority, and its inspection ratings are commonly called the DSIB rating. The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) conducts inspections of schools in Abu Dhabi and issues ratings for them called the Irtiqaa Rating.

You should still read the evaluation and visit the school to obtain the whole picture of its quality, but getting an idea of what to expect from the regulators’ assessment is helpful.

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How to know Abu Dhabi’s school tuition fees

The Tamm portal provides a centralized platform for accessing various government services and resources in Abu Dhabi, such as information on private school tuition costs.

You can narrow your search for one of Abu Dhabi’s more than 500 schools and nurseries by visiting

Inputting the name of a school you’re interested in into the search bar will bring up information on the costs associated with attending that school.

How to know Dubai’s school tuition fees

Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) oversees the city’s roughly two hundred private schools. The authority maintains the website and lists all of the schools in the emirate along with their contact information and tuition costs.

You can search for schools in Dubai and see what they charge by visiting this page:

How to know Sharjah’s school tuition fees

The Sharjah Private Education Authority (SPEA) regulates Sharjah’s private school system. Visit to view SPEA’s online directory of schools in the emirate.

The curriculum and test scores for each school are listed in the directory. However, you should contact the institution directly or check their website for information on tuition costs.

How to know about tuition fees in other Emirates

The UAE Ministry of Education oversees private schools in Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, and Fujairah through regional offices and free zones.

If you want specifics on the costs of attending a certain institution, you can call or check their website to receive such information.


As the quality of education improves, more and more students choose to study abroad. The result was a shift in the cost of attending public schools in Abu Dhabi. What you need to know to enroll your child in a UAE school has been covered above about School Fees in the UAE. Since it’s not hard to get in touch with and enroll in a school in the United Arab Emirates, it’s no surprise that tuition costs are quite low. 

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