Stimulus Check 2023: Eligibility, Status, Dates, Update

Stimulus Check Eligibility: In November 2022, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) made the announcement that many people are eligible to receive a Stimulus Check in 2023. In late 2022, the IRS stated that starting in 2023, taxpayers could use the agency’s website ( to apply for benefits. There will reportedly be no 2022 Economic Benefit Payments, so filers can’t count on any more stimulus money when they pay their taxes in 2023.

Stimulus Check 2023

All taxpayers will receive a Stimulus Check in the year 2023. Stimulus checks will be paid out to those who meet the Stimulus Check Eligibility requirements. The financial needs of these individuals have been prioritized. The design accommodates –

  • Single people, couples, and families. 
  • Income affects a recipient’s capacity to receive the economic impact payment. 
  • In order to qualify for stimulus money in 2023 as a single filer, you must meet the minimum income criteria. The eligibility requirements for receiving a Stimulus Check may vary from one state to another depending on the state’s budget.
  • To take advantage of the larger standard deduction, the vast majority of married couples submit their tax returns together. It also allows you to raise the threshold at which a payment is due to the IRS.
Title of the Funding PlanIRS Stimulus Payment
The CoordinatorUS Govt
Time Period2023
Mode of PaymentEconomic Impact Payment

Who Are Eligible for Stimulus Checks? Eligibility Criteria for Stimulus Check

A) Eligibility For the First Stimulus Check

  • You are eligible to receive the full payment if your adjusted gross income (AGI) is less than $75,000 if you file as a single taxpayer, $150,000 if you file as a married couple, or $112,500 if you file as a head of household. 
  • If your annual income is more than $99,000 for an individual, $136,500 for a head of household, or $198,000 for a married couple, your payment will be reduced by 5% of the excess. 
  • You can still receive the benefit even if you have no income.

B) Eligibility For the Second Stimulus Check

Income requirements apply to the whole payout, as with the first stimulus check. This payout is open to all. 

  • All $112,500 will go to families where the breadwinner has an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $75,000 or less, up to $150,000, or less than $112,000. 
  • This stimulus pay-out steadily declines for higher earners although they have fulfilled the Stimulus Check Eligibility
  • The second stimulus check’s maximum income limit is lower. Earning more than $87,000 as a single filer, $174,000 as a married couple, or $124,500 as a head of household in 2019 disqualifies you from receiving the second stimulus payment. 

C) Eligibility For the Third Stimulus Evaluation

There are some changes between the first and second stimulus checks, despite the fact that Stimulus Check Eligibility is very similar. There are four essentials:


The first and second stimulus payments include income limits. All income levels receive this payout. 

  • The full amount will be allocated to families where no individual earns more than $75,000, where no couple earns more than $150,000, and where no individual earns more than $112,500. 
  • High earners will forfeit their third stimulus payout. 
  • The third stimulus check has a lower income limit. If you earn more than $80,000 as a single filer, $160,000 as a married couple, or $120,000 as a head of household in 2020, you cannot get the third and final stimulus payment.

See the table below to evaluate how your income stacks up against the minimums for the first, second, and third stimulus payments.

Minimum Required Income for Initial, Second, and Third Stimulus Payment in FullMaximum Allowable Income for the Initial Stimulus PaymentIncome Cap on the Second Stimulus PaymentMaximum Allowable Income for the Third Stimulus Payment
For a lone filer$0 – $75,000$99,000$87,000$80,000
Jointly filing married couples$0 – $150,000$198,000$174,000$160,000
Head of the family$0 – $112,500$136,500$124,500$120,000
  • Social Security Number

This stimulation check surpasses the first two. The third stimulus check is available to everyone in your family with an SSN or your dependent, regardless of age. If both parents have ITINs but their children have SSNs, only the children are eligible for stimulus funds.

Both stimulus checks require a valid SSN from one spouse. If a married couple files jointly but only one has a Social Security number, the payment will go to the spouse and any qualified dependents with a Social Security number or Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number. Even if one spouse is in the military, both can receive stimulus money. 

Stimulus Check Important Dates

Note the following stimulus check dates for spring 2023 and beyond if you live in a stimulus-funded state.

  • Till the End of May

New Mexico citizens can receive tax refunds of up to $1,000 for married couples filing jointly or $500 for single filers through May 31. You may be eligible for a state rebate if you resided there in 2021 and filed your tax return before May 2023. You’ll get paid between March and May if you qualify.

  • June Dates

Until the end of June 2023, low-income residents in Boulder, Colorado, can receive payments ranging from $99 to $302. A single person’s annual income cannot exceed $43,900, and a family of four annual income cannot exceed $62,700.

You may be eligible for a payout of up to $13,500 if you are a childcare provider in Maryland and you received a “first-time quality rating” through the EXCELS early education program. The payments for the spring of 2023 have commenced and will continue through the 30th of June of that year.

Till The End of June

Pennsylvania residents must submit their applications by June 30, 2023, to be considered for tax and rent rebates. Disabled residents over the age of 18, widows and widowers over the age of 50, and senior citizens over the age of 65 are all eligible to receive payments.

  • By Sept. 15

Massachusetts taxpayers who file their tax forms by September 15 might receive up to 14.0312 percent of their 2020 state tax liability. Check for your stimulus check status Because they filed their 2021 tax returns early, most people have gotten the rebate. However, late filers have until September 15, 2023, to submit their taxes and obtain state compensation. After filing, late taxpayers should receive their refunds within a month. This means you can still receive cash in spring 2023 provided you file your claim by May 21.

  • Till 31st December

Washington state employees have until December 31st to apply for Stimulus Check for bonuses of up to $1,200. Anyone with a qualifying kid or who is at least 25 years old but under 65 is eligible. You also need to spend the better part of the year in Washington. Financial Stimulus Check Eligibility is also a factor. 

How To Keep Track of Your 2023 Stimulus Payment?

  • To view your Stimulus payments, visit the website and log in. Here’s how we’ll keep tabs on your Fourth Stimulus Payment:
  • Launch the IRS Online Payment Processing System. If you need to access your tax refund, go to
  • Specify whether you’re using a tax ID or a social security number.
  • Keep tabs on your development; access to the site is restricted until 24 hours after Tax Day. 

Final Words On Stimulus Check Eligibility

Economic downturns might make consumers doubt their buying power. Dollars are worth less in a weak economy. In a crisis, the government may interfere to restore consumer confidence. The use s is one method of doing this. The 2009 COVID-19 pandemic in the US was like this. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a stimulus check. Tax credits from the IRS can lower tax burdens. 

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