UAN Member Portal: Registration, Check Status & Benefits

UAN Member Portal: The Indian government’s Ministry of Labor and Employment issues a 12-digit identifying number known as a Universal Account Number (UAN). Several EPFO online services call for the UAN as a prerequisite.

Submission of EPF applications and use of online services are simplified through the UAN Member E-Sewa site. Checking your PF balance, learning about your previous employment, and withdrawing additional PF are just some of the many things you can do on the UAN Member Portal or unified portal.

The law mandates that every business with more than 20 employees register for an EPFO UAN. The portal’s complete set of features is only accessible to users after they have registered and created a user ID and password. Our EPFs are accessible through the EPF e-sewa portal once we have logged in with our UAN.

How to Register at UAN Member Portal?

You must activate your UAN before you may use the UAN Login Portal. The steps listed below are crucial and should not be ignored during the UAN Registration process. Get into the EPF Member Portal by

  • When selecting “Important Links,” choose option 7 to activate UAN
  • Getting your Authorization PIN is as easy as entering some information and tapping a button.
  • A PIN will be sent to the registered mobile number by EPFO.
  • Please enter the PIN in the appropriate place to activate your UAN account.
  • An automated system will provide you with a password through text message.
  • To access your EPF account, you will now use your UAN and password.
UAN Member Portal Registration

Formalities Involved in Obtaining a UAN

  1. You’ll need the following details after beginning employment for the first time at a registered company to apply for and receive your Universal Account Number(UAN Member Portal)
  2. Don’t forget to include your IFSC code, bank name, and your account number.
  3. Documents such as passports, driver’s licenses, etc., are all acceptable forms of identity.
  4. Your UAN should be linked to your PAN card.
  5. Since Aadhaar is linked to other forms of identification like bank accounts and mobile phones, having one is mandatory.

Important Documents to Open UAN Member Portal

Documents Required to Open UAN
Bank Account InfoID ProofAddress ProofPAN CardAadhaar Card

UAN’s Advantages for the Workforce from the Unorganised Sector

  • After your new employer merges your old PF account with your new one, with UAN Member Portal, you can make a withdrawal from your PF account, either in full or in parts.
  • Employees can easily move their current PF balance to their new account by using this new account number.
  • When you need a PF statement, all you have to do is to log in with your member ID or UAN or send an SMS.
  • If you’ve already had your UAN confirmed through Aadhaar and Know Your Customer processes, your new employer won’t need to verify your identity.
  • Thanks to UAN, employers would no longer be able to access or steal their employees’ PF money.
  • The PF account centralizes the administration of employees’ access to information about employer contributions.
Employee Benefits from Using UANs: UAN Member Portal Benefits
A single consolidated bank account.

Using this specific account number, workers can move their accumulated PF funds from one retirement plan to another.With this specific ID, workers can easily switch their pension funds.You can get a PF statement whenever you need it, whether it’s for a visa, a loan, or anything else.If the UAN has already been validated by Aadhaar and KYC, there is no need for a new employer to verify the individual’s identity.UAN prevents companies from accessing or withholding workers’ PF funds.Making it simpler for workers to check that their employer is contributing to their PF account on a regular basis

The E-Sewa Services of the UAN Member Portal

The UAN Member Portal is a one-stop shop for account maintenance, passbook viewing, KYC management, transferring PF money between accounts, and checking the status of claims. The E-Sewa platform essentially offers three types of service: monitoring, control, and online service delivery.

A. Monitoring

  • The Background

Your UAN card, passbook, and service records are all accessible here. Name, birth date, phone number, email address, spouse’s name, father’s name, educational background, and occupation are all part of the Background Profile. The mobile number and email address are the only editable fields.

  • Specifics of Previous Attendances

There will be just one UAN Member Portal assigned to each person with a PF account. When changing employers, the UAN must be disclosed so that any future EPF payments can be made to the same account. In addition to being easy to manage, it also raises your profile. When an employee changes jobs, their UAN will be utilized to establish a new Provident Fund account. Consequently, all of a person’s past jobs will be listed on their service record. A member’s ID, together with the beginning and end dates of their various positions, may be found in the “service details” section. Dates of EPS and FPS enrolment and withdrawal are also mentioned.

  • The UAN Card

The Viewing section of the site is where you may see and download the Permanent Account Number (PAN) card.

  • Employees’ Pension Fund Passbook

The UAN website serves as a digital passbook. However, it cannot be viewed from where you are now. To view the passbook, EPF members must sign in to the EPF website.

  • Accessing the Passbook

After entering one’s UAN and password, one can have access to their passbook. The password is the same one used to enter the UAN website.

B. Controlling 

Here, members can access and edit their own profile information.

  • Your Contact Details

Your current contact information, including email and mobile phone number, can be updated here in the UAN Member Portal. A one-time verification code will be sent to your new email and mobile phone. With the PIN, you can update your personal details.

  • The KYC

The following are examples of Know Your Customer (KYC) documents that can be updated on this page: Permanent Account Number (PAN) card, Aadhar number, passport, driver’s license, election card, ration card, and National Population Register number. Paperwork must be uploaded as proof.

C. Online Service Support

Here you can manage your personal retirement fund (PF) and do things like submit a claim, view its status, and make transfers.

  • Insurance Application

The Employee Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has released updated claim forms as of February 2017. This updated, unified claim form can now be submitted for either a full or partial payment. Claim forms include the 10C, the 19, and the 31. Your PF claim cannot be submitted using this consolidated form until your Aadhar is linked to your UAN.

  • Transferring

An EPF member is limited to submitting a single transfer request from their previous PF account to their new PF account. This is the proper forum for such a discussion. The UAN’s Know Your Customer (KYC) information must be up-to-date and accurate before a transfer request is submitted. UAN can keep track of both old and new banking details.

  • Verify The Validity of a Claim

You may check out the current claims’ status right here. You also don’t need to provide your PF account number or acknowledgement number. Simply log onto the UAN website.

How to Check the UAN Status Online?

In order to check the UAN member portal status online, you need to follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below.

  • You need to visit the official website of the UAN portal at 
  • Know your UAN by clicking on the option of the “Important links” button as it appears from the dropdown menu. 
  • In this step, you need to input the PF number, PAN card number, member ID, and Aadhar card number details as required. 
  • Now enter the information like office information, fundamental facts, and others using the member ID.
  • You will have to offer all the required details and click on “get UAN authorization pin ” to receive an OTP on the registered phone number.
  • The OTP must be entered and the registered number will thereafter receive the EPF UAN status. 

Steps to UAN Claim Status Via SMS and Miss Call

In order to check the UAN claim status via SMS and missed call, you need to follow the instructions given below.

Check UAN Claim Status Via SMS

Employees can send SMS to inquire about their status. This would be only possible if the employee has the mobile number registered in the UAN member portal. In order to send the SMS, one must dial EPFOHO UAN LAN on 7738299899. The LAN is supposed to be the language in which you would want to receive the information. Some of the codes of Language are listed below in tabular form UAN Member Portal.

Language Code 
Hindi HIN 
Marathi MAR
Malayalam MAL 
Kannada KAN 
Tamil TAM
Bengali BEN

Check Claim Status Via Miss Call 

Another way to check the UAN claim status is through Miss call of the UAN Member Portal. Employees need to give a Miss call on 011 2290 1406 with their registered phone number that is linked to the UAN. When giving a miss call on this number, the call would automatically disconnect after two rings and the details of the claim status would arrive in the SMS format on the registered phone number.

How to Contact UAN Customer Care?

If you are experiencing any kind of hassle and are finding it difficult to discover any information related to the UAN, then you can choose to contact UAN customer care. Therefore, for further assistance, the ways you can contact the officials are listed below in the table form. 

                                          Customer Care Services of UAN 
Types Contact Via 
Email Id
Phone number 1800 11 8005

It is important to keep in mind that the help desk services are not available 24 x 7. In order to reach the officials and get help for your problem, you can call between 9.15 AM in the morning and 5.45 PM in the evening. 

Conclusion of UAN Member Portal

Through the UAN Member Portal E-Sewa site, UAN Members enjoy quick and easy access online to the EPF’s various services and demands.

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