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Apna Khata Rajasthan Land Record: Accessing information about your farm is pretty easy now as digitalization has changed the fundamental element of technology. Apna Khata Rajasthan (अपना खाता राजस्थान) has a brilliant solution where you can access all the information about your farms and know all the details. 

The government of Rajasthan has taken this initiative to view all the knowledge of the state and the records of rights. You get to access everything online without any hassle, and you can easily download all the information without any problem. 

We’ve seen many frauds related to the lands, and many people entitled themselves as the land owner, which created confusion and raised many fraudsters. The initiative by Apna Khata Bhulekh, Rajasthan official portal, has helped land owners to look for the records and view the records of rights of land online. 

The portal is also known as e-Dharti, where the records can be accessed, and the landowners and buyers can easily view their lands. In this post, we’ll look at the Apna Khata Bhulekh Rajasthan portal and how it works.  

Apna Khata Rajasthan 2023 – अपना खाता राजस्थान

Bhulekh is a word that refers to land records, and the Rajasthan state government has taken the initiative to start a jamanandni portal where land records are available. The work by the Indian government and digital technology has supported this, preventing property-related disputes in the state.  Maintaining the records online is easy with this portal.  

The initiative was started and set up by the Revenue Department after the Rajasthan Urban Land Act 2016 was passed. The main reason behind this is to provide  State-guaranteed land titles. Anyone in the state can access that and review their land-related details. The initiative has created transparency and helped people keep their land secure and safe.   

What is e-Dharti

The e-Dharti is another name for the Apna Khata Rajasthan portal, where you get easy access to your lands online without any hassle. The initiative by the state government has helped many people to get information from any content of the world. 

The website is simple and easy to use, which makes it more convenient. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to determine land ownership, but with the e-Dharti portal, a person can quickly access all these elements. The property portal has resulted in securing more lands and helping people access everything related to their land for free. 

Apna Khata Rajasthan

All Details of Rajasthan Apna Khata (e Dharti) 2023

Name of Portalapnakhata.rajasthan.gov.in
State of online Land Information Details Government of Rajasthan 
DepartmentBhulekh of Rajasthan state/Board of Revenue
e Dharti Portalonline / apna khata rajasthan land record
Official Websitehttps://apnakhata.rajasthan.gov.in/
Home PageClick Here

How to get land details using the Apna Khata Rajasthan portal? 

Apna Khata Rajasthan 2023: There are some simple steps that you need to execute to get the details of the land. Although you need to understand that you can’t use this document in court or any legal understanding. Here are the steps that you can follow to access the land-related information: 

Step 1: First you need to visit the official portal of the Registration and Stamp department- epanjiyan.

Step 2: The second step when you visit the portal of the registration and Stamp department is to select the  Property Valuation for Citizens option which is on the top left side of the website. You will be able to find that option under the Online Facilities section.

Step 3: When you get the property valuation for Citizens option on the left side of the website on the next page then you’ll be required to select the Property District which is in the drop-down list and click on the Submit button which is located in the center-right. 

Step 4: The next step where you need to get the work right is On the page, where you will be required to enter a valid phone number to get an OTP on your phone. After you get the OTP you will get the updates on the registration process. When you will submit the captcha you need to click on the Fresh Valuation option and then you need to enter the OTP you’ve received through the SMS. When you’re done you need to go on the next page. 

Step 5: After you go to the next page it’s pretty easy to add the details as the verification is done and now you will be directed to the  Document Details page where you need to provide the mandatory details.

  • Location Type
  • Document Type
  • Sub Type
  • District
  • SRO
  • Tehsil

Step 6:  The next step is where you submit the details on the page and after getting the details on the page you need to submit further the Location Details of your property. The location details include: 

  • Colony, Area
  • Zone
  • Category Type
  •  Location
  • Road Width
  • Plot/Khasra No
  • Address Detail
  • Property Area.

The additional value section requires you to enter all the other details and the information should be handy about all the details that are related to the land. The additional value requires every minute detail about your land. The details when submitted the buyer must select the commission details before clicking the Save Property button.

Step 7: When you save the details the system will examine the property and generate the land value through it.  The property value will be displayed and after verifying the land details the buyer will have to click on the  Next button, where you will be directed to the stamp duty page.

Step 8: On this page, you will be required to add more details related to the property which includes the execution date, the face value, and the Evaluation value. When you enter the details click on the Calculate Stamp Duty button.  

Step 9: With the next page you’re required to get the details of the payable fee for the property registration. The fees will have all the elements like 

  • Registration Fee
  • CSI
  • Stamp duty payable
  • Penalty
  • Surcharge

you need to check down the save button and then you will get the Citizen Reference Number on the payment gate. You need to get the number for future needs. Along with it, you need to submit other details which are 

  • Gender
  • ID Proof
  • Party Type
  • Presenter Type
  • Contact details 
  • The Party Name
  • Address
  • Category

Then you need to click on the Save button. 

Step 10: Then you will get to the payment and you need to pay the registration fees and stamp duty. 

Step 11: The next step is where you need to choose a slot to go for the physical verification. You will get on the Online Time Slot Booking page where you’ll choose a date for physical verification. After the slot, you need to enter the Citizen Reference Number and OTP. 

The above steps will confirm your slot 

And you need to Visit the sub-registrar’s office for property registration. On the selected time slot you need to visit for the registration. 


By following these steps you can easily access the portal and get the details as well. We hope you find this helpful and received valuable information from this post. 

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