White Revolution: What is the white revolution?

White Revolution

What is the white revolution? What is the white revolution associated with? Who is the father of India’s white revolution? We present to you today’s report with below correct information about the white revolution in which year – etc. What is the White Revolution? In 1970, a program called Operation Flood was taken by the … Read more

Wet Farming, Dry Farming & Irrigation Farming

Wet Farming, Dry Farming & Irrigation Farming

Wet Farming, Dry Farming & Irrigation Farming: Get a complete understanding of wet agriculture and dry agriculture and irrigated agriculture in this report. There are three types of Farming – Wet Farming What is wet agriculture? In some areas, there is no irrigation facility or it is limited. Agriculture that is done there without the … Read more

Wheat Cultivation Method

Wheat Cultivation Method

Wheat Cultivation Method: Wheat Cultivation System, Suitable Land for Wheat Cultivation, Classification of Wheat Cultivation. Winter wheat cultivation and winter wheat cultivation. Wheat Cultivation in Bengali. Wheat Cultivation Methods The scientific name of wheat is Triticum aestivam (Triticum aestivam). Among the different species of wheat, Triticum dicoccum, Triticum sphyroccum, and Triticum durum are the main … Read more

Green Revolution: Benefits, Disadvantages of Green Revolution

Green Revolution

Green Revolution: What is the green revolution? A detailed discussion about when the green revolution took place – etc. What is the green revolution? Green Revolution : India’s agricultural system underwent a radical change in the post-independence 1960s. Instead of the traditional farming method, the new farming method which is developed with the help of … Read more

Modern Technology in Agriculture: Use of Modern Technology in Agriculture

Modern Technology in Agriculture

Modern Technology in Agriculture | Crop yield and arable land in any region depend on various factors. For example, the natural environment of the region (climate, topography, soil, organic matter), socio-economic environment, use of agricultural technology, and selected crops. Therefore, it is possible to bring about a radical change in the way of farming by … Read more

Maize Cultivation Method 2023

Maize Cultivation Method

Maize Cultivation Method : Farmers of West Bengal currently do not know much about the maize cultivation system, due to which they cannot produce a large amount of crops after planting maize. Farmers can double the amount of profit by doing this cultivation in the right way. Maize Cultivation West Bengal. If you are deciding … Read more

Cultivation of Boro Paddy 2023 | Boro Rice Cultivation

Cultivation of Boro Paddy

Boro Paddy cultivation method Pdf | Cultivation of Boro Rice 2023 | A modern method of Paddy cultivation is the Boro Paddy cultivation method. This cultivation is done in winter. Farmers are able to grow more crops through modern boro paddy cultivation. Are you a farmer? And want to know about the method of cultivating … Read more

Economic Importance of Agriculture 2023

Economic Importance of Agriculture

Economic Importance of Agriculture: There are many countries in the world, where there is no special industry. But there is no such country in the world, where land is not cultivated, that is, agriculture is not done. Primarily agriculture is the basis of the economic development of any country. Therefore, the economic importance of agriculture … Read more